ASGP 2008, Vol. 78, 1

Tomasz Rychliński
Facies development and sedimentary environments of the Carpathian Keuper deposits from the Tatra Mountains, Poland and Slovakia - 1-18
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Peter Allen & Dariusz Krzyszkowski
Till base deformation and fabric variation in Lower Rogowiec (Wartanian, younger Saalian) Till, Bełchatów outcrop, central Poland - 19-35
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Piotr Kłapyta
Structural control on morphology of south-western slope of Chornohora Mountains between Mt. Hoverla and Mt. Pop Ivan (Eastern Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine) - 37-49
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Stefan Witold Alexandrowicz
Professor Marian Książkiewicz - early stage of scientific activity - 51-61
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Ryszard Gradziński, Andrzej Ślączka
Kronika Polskiego Towarzystwa Geologicznego - Andrzej Radomski (1929-2007) - 63-64
Chronicle of the Polish Geological Society - Andrzej Radomski (1929-2007)
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