ASGP 2009, Vol. 79, 1

Michał Warchoł & Stanisław Leszczyński
Trace fossils from Silurian and Devonian turbidites of the Chauvay area, southern Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan - 1-11
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Jadwiga Jarzyna, Edyta Puskarczyk, Maria Bała & Bartosz Papiernik
Variability of the Rotliegend sandstones in the Polish part of the Southern Permian Basin - permeability and porosity relationships - 13-26
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Ryszard Myczyński & Renata Jach
Cephalopod fauna and stratigraphy of the Adnet type red deposits of the Krížna unit in the Western Tatra Mountains, Poland - 27-39
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Maciej Kania & Anna Wolska
Deformation structures in the gneissic exotic pebbles from the area of Wołosate (Cisna sandstone, Dukla tectonic unit, Outer Carpathians, Poland) - 41-52
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Patrycja Wójcik-Tabol & Andrzej Ślączka
Provenance and diagenesis of siliciclastic and organic material in the Albian-Turonian sediments (Silesian Nappe, Lanckorona, Outer Carpathians, Poland): preliminary studies - 53-66
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Witold Zuchiewicz, Antoni K. Tokarski, Anna Świerczewska & Nguyen Quoc Cuong
Neotectonic activity of the Skawa River Fault Zone (Outer Carpathians, Poland) - 67-93
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Jan Bromowicz
Kronika Polskiego Towarzystwa Geologicznego - Czesław Peszat (1930-2008) - 95-96
Chronicle of the Polish Geological Society - Czesław Peszat (1930-2008)
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